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  2. Contracting Life-Cycle curriculum
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PDF ALO Contracting Life Cycle Road Map
Contracting Basics
  • Award-Fee Contracting
  • Better Practice Transfer
  • Commercial Item Acquisition
  • Competition in Contracting
  • Contract Types
  • Contracting Methods and Vehicles
  • Contracting as a Profession & The Evolution of Contracting
  • Contractor Responsibility
  • Emergency Contracting
  • Ethics, Conflict of Interest, and Procurement Integrity
  • Government Property: The Basics
  • Introduction to Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP): Going Green
  • Overview & Fundamentals of Government Contracting
  • Performance Incentives
  • Performance-Based Acquisition Overview
  • Required Sources
  • Small Business Program Requirements
  • Sole-Source Procurements
  • The Service Contract Act of 1965
  • Uniform Contract Format (UCF)
  • Advance Acquisition Planning and the Acquisition Plan
  • Bids and Proposals
  • Competencies for Contract Negotiation
  • Competitive Range Determination
  • Conducting Contract Negotiations
  • Define the Need and Conduct Market Research
  • Develop a Performance Work Statement (PWS)
  • Develop a statement of objectives
  • Develop the Competitive Pool
  • Developing the Source Selection Plan
  • Developing the Technical Evaluation Plan
  • Discussions Before Receipt of Proposals and Due Diligence
  • Federal Supply Schedule Contracting
  • Increasing Competition for Results
  • Overview of Contract Negotiations
  • Requirements Documentation for Program Representatives
  • Overview of the Cost-Technical Trade-off Analysis Process
  • Planning Contract Negotiations
  • Receipt and Evaluation of Proposals
  • Requisition Familiarization
  • Simplified Acquisition Procedures
  • Source Selection Evaluation Criteria & Instructions to Offerors
  • Strategic Business Advisor, An Overview
  • Contract Closeout
  • Contract Modification
  • Deliver Results through Partnership
  • Disputes
  • Managing Contracts in a Performance-Based Environment
  • Operating under a Continuing Resolution
  • Protests
  • Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)
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