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Self-paced Acquisition Learning
Welcome to the
Applied Learning Online™ Library

Just-in-Time Learning for the Acquisition Professional
The Applied Learning Online (ALO) library of just-in-time training modules, brought to you by ASI Government, Inc., is the first online course library of its kind:

High quality. High impact. Self-paced and focused on federal acquisition and program management. Each ALO module:
  • Is a focused, self-paced 1-2 hour module
  • Offers "at the desk" learning – no downtime
  • Includes practical "how to's" and exercises
  • Includes video instruction with follow along text
  • Can serve as refresher training, when you need it
  • Includes the ability to ask the instructor questions
  • Offers just-in-time learning, at the point of execution
Applied Learning Online is a subscription-based e-learning library offered to address the ongoing professional development requirements of the acquisition workforce.

To learn more about the service or to register for a free demonstration, click on the links below. Not sure if your organization is a subscriber? Contact us at

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